What is KwikCash?

KwikCash is an instant cash loan service offered to 9mobile subscribers.

How do I access KwikCash?

Dial *561# on your 9mobile phone.

How do I apply for KwikCash?

Dial *561# on your 9mobile phone.

How do I pay back my KwikCash loan?

Dial *561# on your 9mobile phone.

How much money can I borrow with KwikCash?

Loan offers are usually between N500 and N100,000.

What should I do if I do not understand the Terms & Conditions?

It is critical you understand what you agree to when you take a KwikCash loan. KwikCash highlights 3 major points you must agree to when you accept a loan offer:

  1. To pay back the loan in 14 days
    • This means that KwikCash is a loan and MUST be paid back within 14 days.
  2. To allow use of your personal data to determine loan offers
    • This means you consent to KwikCash considering and analysing your personal data in order to determine your loan offers. Your personal data comes from many sources, including your phone, your bank, bill payments, the credit bureaus, and other sources.
  3. To allow KwikCash to contact numbers in your call/SMS history if you refuse to pay
    • This means you consent to KwikCash sending messages to anyone you have ever called or sent an SMS. KwikCash will send these messages when you do not pay your loan on time.

Please visit to read full Terms & Conditions. If you need further explanation of the Terms & Conditions please contact customer service by texting "HELP" to 561.

Can I use USSD shortcuts to pay via the KwikCash USSD app?

Yes. You can use USSD menu shortcuts by placing your menu selections in the code you dial. For example if the last card you used to pay required PIN, CVV, and Expiration Date, the next time you pay you can skip the USSD menu by dialing *561*1*2*1*AMOUNT*1*PIN*CVV*EXP(MMYY)#, where AMOUNT is the amount you want to pay, PIN is your ATM card PIN, CVV is the CVV code on the back of your card, and EXP (MMYY) is the expiration date in ‘MMYY’ format. Note that different cards require different credentials, so you will need to pay attention to the USSD steps to ensure your shortcut is correct.

How long does it take to get KwikCash?

KwikCash does not guarantee a time within which you will receive your loan, but most customers complete the application and receive the money in their bank account within a few minutes.

What happens when I port my number to another network?

If you port your number to another network you will not be able to request a new loan. If you port your number while your loan is still active, you must pay via web, ATM, or with cash at a bank (ask for the Paydirect teller).


Do I need to provide collateral or documentation to receive a KwikCash loan?

You do not need any collateral or documentation to receive a KwikCash loan. Just use your phone.

Do I need to visit a bank to receive a KwikCash loan?

As long you have you have an existing bank account and a BVN (Bank Verification Number), you are not required to visit a bank location. Just use your phone.

Do I need to talk to an agent to receive a KwikCash loan?

You are not required to talk to any agent to receive a KwikCash Loan. Just use your phone.

How do I qualify for a KwikCash loan?

In order to qualify for a KwikCash loan, you must:
  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be a 9mobile subscriber for the last 90 days
  • spend at least N500 in data or airtime every month for the last 90 days

How do I increase the size of my loan offers?

The best way to increase the size of your loan offers is to pay your KwikCash loans early.


What is the fee to get KwikCash?

KwikCash usually charges interest between 10% and 20% of the loan amount, although your interest rate could be higher or lower depending on your personal data. 9mobile also charges a N20 network fee per loan.

When does a KwikCash Loan have to be paid back?

Your KwikCash loan must be paid back within 14 days of disbursement.

What if I am unable to pay back an KwikCash Loan in 14 days?

If you do not pay your loan within 14 days, you are given an automatic 14-day extension with additional rollover interest plus a 5% late fee.

What if I am unable to pay back my KwikCash loan even after my 14-day extension?

If you do not pay your loan within 28 days, your loan will default and a 5% default fee will be added to your loan. More importantly, there are several other consequences if your loan defaults:

  • Numbers in your call/SMS history are notified that you have not paid your loan
  • Our loan recovery team will track you down to collect payment
  • You are reported to the credit bureaus which affects your ability to get a loan from any bank

How is the loan balance calculated?

You pay loan interest as specified in the offer, with additional 5% fees + VAT if you are late or you default. For example, if you take a N10,000 KwikCash loan @ 10%, your loan balance is calculated as follows:

Pay within 14 days:
									Loan value: 				N10,000
									10% loan interest: 			N1,000
									LOAN BALANCE:				N11,000

									If you take 14-day extension:
									10% rollover interest:		N1,000
									5% late fee:				N500
									5% VAT on late fee: 		N25
									LOAN BALANCE:				N12,525

									If you default on your loan:
									5% default fee:				N500
									5% VAT on default fee: 		N25
									LOAN BALANCE:				N13,050

If I am having financial problems can I work out a payment plan or delay the due date?

If you are having financial problems and cannot pay your loan, please contact customer care by texting "HELP" to 561 to find a solution. It is much better for you to engage customer care before the loan due date.


What banks does KwikCash support?

You must have an account at one of the following banks to use KwikCash:
  • Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)
  • Zenith Bank
  • Skye Bank
  • Wema Bank
  • First Bank
  • First City Monument Bank (FCMB)
  • Unity Bank
  • Stanbic IBTC
  • Access Bank
  • Keystone Bank
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA)
  • Union Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Ecobank
  • Sterling Bank
  • Heritage Bank

Do I have to pay my KwikCash loan from the same account where it was disbursed?

No. You can pay your KwikCash loan with any ATM card or in cash at any supported bank.

How do I pay my KwikCash loan if I don’t have an ATM card?

Please dial *561# for instructions on how to pay with cash.

What should I do if my OTP (one-time password) is sent to a different phone when I pay my KwikCash loan via the web?

If your bank requires an OTP, you should always have your hardware token or your registered OTP phone with you when paying your KwikCash loan via the web. If you don’t have either of those, you can choose one of the other methods of payment.

Can I pay my KwikCash loan via internet banking?

No. KwikCash payment via internet banking is not supported.


What personal data is used to determine loan offers?

KwikCash uses many data sources to determine your loan offers, including the data from your phone, your bank, the credit bureaus, and others.

Can I refuse the use of my personal data for a KwikCash loan?

Yes. KwikCash only considers your personal data when you apply for a loan. If you do not apply for a loan, your personal data is not considered.

Will anyone know I took a KwikCash loan?

Your loan status is never shared with anyone unless you refuse to pay your loan, in which case KwikCash may notify your contacts that you have taken a loan and refused to pay. KwikCash may also notify the credit bureaus that you have taken a loan and refused to pay.


Are my personal data and bank/card details secure with KwikCash?

Yes. KwikCash takes multiple security measures to safeguard your information.

Am I at risk if my number is recycled?

No. KwikCash does multiple checks to ensure you own both the phone and the bank account before it disburses a loan.


What should I do if my bank account is not validated by my bank?

Please verify you entered your account number and selected the bank correctly. If you are sure you have entered your account number correctly, please call your bank to confirm they are correctly processing account validation for your account number.

My bank account and SIM registration details do not match. What should I do?

You should visit a 9mobile Experience Center to re-register your SIM so your SIM details match your bank account details.

I was approved for a KwikCash loan but did not receive a confirmation SMS

Please note that you must agree to the terms and conditions before loan is disbursed. If you did not receive an SMS it is likely that the loan was not disbursed. Please re-apply for the loan.

I received a confirmation SMS for my KwikCash loan, but do not see the funds in my account

You should confirm that the account you are checking is the exact account you used for the loan disbursement. If you are sure is the exact account, please give 10-15 minutes after your confirmation SMS to allow for any delays in processing. If you still don't see the funds after 15 minutes, please contact customer service by texting "HELP" to 561.