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This Is the Best Front Door Color to Elevate Your Home’s Design and Value

If you regularly find yourself scrolling the endless listings of Zillow, you’ve probably picked up on a few things that tend to catch your eye. Maybe you’re more drawn to the stateliness of a well-manicured Tudor, or consistently bookmark anything with a Craftsman exterior (you just know the bones are going to be good). But whether it’s a sturdy Colonial […]

M’sian social running app holding virtual marathon challenges

Author’s blurb: I’ve tried a couple of fitness apps before, most notably the Nike App for indoor strength training and Zombies, Run! for outdoor running. Despite following the latter’s simulated zombie apocalypse podcasts, it never kept me motivated enough to run, as no one could hold me accountable if I cheated and just took a brisk walk until the episode […]

Convenience store brand selling Malaysian-made products

Convenience stores are on the rise in the country, most notably of foreign brands like Japanese and Korean ones, which are trending recently.  “You see FamilyMart from Japan, 7-Eleven from the US, but we don’t have any homegrown Malaysian convenience stores that sell Malaysian brands and products,” the BilaBila Mart team claimed in an interview with Vulcan Post. Wanting Malaysia […]

S’pore startup Carro raises US$360M in funding, also eyeing IPO

Singapore startup Carro said on Tuesday (June 15) that it has raised US$360 million (S$477.62 million) in its latest funding round led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. The Southeast Asian online automotive marketplace has raced past the US$1 billion valuation mark to be come the region’s latest unicorn. “The valuation for the company is well over a billion dollars,” CEO […]

Our Top 10 Pieces From Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow Target Collection

Since launching her LA-based design blog, Jungalow in 2009, Justina Blakeney’s obsession with sumptuous textiles, botanical prints, and untamed houseplants has bloomed into a well-known lifestyle brand. Her bohemian sensibility spawned a New York Times bestseller, as well as major brand collaborations, and a longtime partnership with Target. This month, Target and Blakeney are at it again pairing the designer’s lush, laid-back aesthetic […]

What Is Sex Therapy and Do I Need It? An Expert Explains

Our sex lives ya’ll! Let’s dig into this typically taboo topic. There is so little conversation in the media, and even amongst friends about the ups and downs of what real-life sex is actually like. I have found too, that unless we know someone who’s personally struggling, we might not even be aware that sex can be really complicated for […]

The 17 Best Fiction Books Our Editors Say You Should Read This Summer

The newest business book, memoirs of people who inspire me, cutting-edge nutritional guides… one peek at my nightstand reveals that nonfiction books aimed at helping me become my best self are my default reading material. However, during a bout of insomnia I experienced a couple of years back, I realized that there are times when my mind just needs to […]

Malaysian homemade dehydrated healthy pet treats

Kha Mern grew up in a household with parents who’d feed the stray dogs roaming around their neighbourhood every day, even bringing them for vaccinations and neutering at the vet.  It’s no surprise that Kha Mern began doing the same later on. As a fresh university graduate running a design studio with her friends, she’d feed homemade pet treats to […]

Social enterprise by Deborah Henry selling handmade jewellery

As of March 2021, Malaysia has around 178,920 refugees and asylum seekers registered with UNHCR. However, we did not sign with the 1951 Refugee Convention nor its protocol, and we also don’t have an asylum system regulating the status and rights of refugees. Because of this, refugees here lead unpredictable lives since there isn’t any legal framework that guarantees them any […]

AirAsia to launch grocery delivery in S’pore, now onboarding merchants

AirAsia announced in a press release today (June 14) that it is calling for interested fresh produce and groceries merchants in Singapore to join its delivery platform. New groceries merchants who are successfully onboarded will enjoy a zero per cent commission rate for the first month. Keen merchants can list their fresh produce, groceries and sundry daily necessities on the […]