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Robot bartender in restaurant and bar LAVO by Focus Dynamics

Author’s Blurb: Going to the bar for me usually involves getting at least one cocktail to sip on while chatting with whoever I’m accompanying that night. Although I always intend to try something new, I’d usually be hit with choice paralysis and end up settling for something familiar, like a Long Island or Piña Colada. LAVO, a resto-lounge in Persiaran […]

MDEC’s DDE programme uses data to grow businesses in M’sia

[This is a sponsored article with MDEC.] As the country surges forward to tackle the effects of COVID-19, the government outlined a Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint (MyDIGITAL) to transform the nation into one that is digitally capable and inclusive, to be a regional leader in digital economy. The blueprint also calls for industry players to innovate and adopt new business […]

Sri Hartamas roadside stall selling premium coffee

Roadside stalls have a special place in most Malaysians’ hearts. Not only is the food more affordable, but it also sometimes tastes better than what you’d get in a restaurant. While many F&B owners may aspire to grow their business from tents and tables to brick and mortar, these entrepreneurs are doing quite the opposite for theirs. Like their peers in […]

How to Prevent Summer Breakouts, According to a Dermatologist

Sunkissed. Glowing. Natural. When we think of summertime skin, these are the holy grail descriptors. But I bet I’m not the only one whose skin forecast skews more towards “dry with a chance of breakouts,” thanks to the chlorine, UV rays, sweat, and humidity that our skin is exposed to throughout these summer months. There’s really never a good time […]

10 Smoothie Recipes That Keep You Full Until Lunch

When it comes to breakfast, smoothies are hard to beat. What else packs so much nutritional value into such a convenient (commute-friendly!) package? That said, having a few smoothie recipes that keep you full up your sleeve is key if you’re going down the liquid route for breakfast. Kids and adults alike love them and they’re a great way to make […]

How to Get Beachy Waves in 7 Minutes Flat—My Step-By-Step Guide

This post is sponsored by Hair Food. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 1 of 4 Although I do sometimes get the urge to “try something new” with my hair, I have to admit that I usually regret it: I’ve finally accepted the fact that for my fine strands, pumping up the volume with natural, beachy waves is […]

The 10 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods and the Recipes to Cook Them With

Inflammation gets a bad rap. Across social media, news outlets, and the pharmaceutical industry, we’ve been conditioned to believe that inflammation is harmful. But that’s simply not the case. As with most things wellness-related, there’s a gray area. When it comes to inflammation, we want not too little, not too much—just the right amount. We can find the right balance […]

This Samosa Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe Is an Easy Weeknight Dinner

I’ve never been one to believe that “healthy” dinner hacks taste better than the original. I’m sorry, no one actually believes that zucchini noodles taste better than real pasta! Sure a zucchini dupe for pasta can be tasty in its own right, but I’ll never consider it an equal substitute, nor should it have to be labeled as such. And […]

Malaysian digital pet insurance site gets seed funding of US$420K

Oyen, a digital pet healthcare insurance provider based in Malaysia, has announced it raised US$420K in a seed round today. The round is backed by Hustle Fund and angel investors made up of former and current executives from Airbnb, Facebook, and Rocket Internet. These funds will go towards enhancing Oyen’s proprietary digital insurance platform and reinforcing its market position within […]

Tips and advice for the process & side effects

On your social media, you may notice that more Malaysians are getting vaccinated by the day (for the first dose at least), but we’re still far from even a quarter of the entire population. As of today, just over 3 million Malaysians have been vaccinated out of the 13 million who registered.  If you have seen stories of your friends […]