About us

Hey Chief,

KWIKCASH is a program that rewards its community for carrying out allotted tasks

You get paid daily to share Sponsored Posts or Ad’s provided by 3rd parties.

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  • Choose a Membership Plan

  • Carry out activities 

  • Get paid for carrying out activities

KWIK CASH offers users six membership plans. They’re proportional to the wages earned by users. The six membership plans are

  • theINSIDER : ₦7,000

  • theAGENT : ₦15,000

  • theVIP : ₦25,000

  • theELITE : ₦35,000

  • TRUE BELIEVER : ₦50,000

  • god : ₦100,000

Referral is completely optional on Kwikcash.ng  Once your membership expires, You’d be able to use the “ENCASH” button on the website and withdraw all your earnings to your bank account. If you wish to continue earning from us, you can re-subscribe, Upon withdrawal, money is paid to your bank account within 12-24 hours of request..