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Pivoting to pizza deliveries during the MCO

Crackhouse Comedy Club (Crackhouse) has been home to local stand-up comedians including Dr. Jason Leong, Joanne Kam, Hannah Azlan, and Kavin Jay. It has also housed international comics, giving Malaysians a way to access this entertainment scene. For 7 years, the club’s livelihood was based on its ticket sales for live shows, which amounted to 80% of its revenue. The […]

How to Take Care of Your Voice, According to a Professional Vocal Coach

This spring, I’ve been doing weekly coaching sessions via Zoom with Adam Roberts, a vocal coach who, in addition to working with singers, also helps high-performance thought leaders and CEOs empower their voices in healthy, sustainable ways. His training in vocology, the science-based study of the voice and vocal habilitation, gives him unique insights into the dos and dont’s for […]

New telco Gorilla Mobile lets you turn unused data into digital tokens

A new telco has just launched in Singapore. Called Gorilla Mobile, it targets PMETs (professionals, managers, executives and technicians), as well as local and global businesses. In a media briefing earlier today, Gorilla Mobile’s founder and CEO Xanne Leo, said that the telco is hoping to revolutionise the industry with Singapore’s first service-on-demand model and unique SwitchBack feature. “All telcos […]